Core Conversion

On October 2, 2023, SFCU will be completing a core conversion.

This will only affect our Somerset Federal Credit Union members. St. Dominic’s members are already using this system and will not be affected.

This system upgrade is an important technological advancement for the Credit Union and for you, as it promises improved security, enhanced services, and greater banking convenience. Upgrading to a newer technology provides us with a stronger, more reliable, and more efficient system today, as well as the ability to improve into the future with more capable applications and better information security, and allows our membership to utilize the tools they need to achieve their own financial goals.

For members with Passbook accounts, you will automatically be converted to Statement Savings Accounts. While most of the changes will happen behind the scenes, there will be some brief disruptions. The goal is to make this conversion as seamless as possible for you. You will be receiving key information in the coming weeks about our core conversion, including what accounts and services will be affected, by mail, social media, and on this page of our website.

This conversion is a two-part process. First is the conversion for our original Somerset branch members and will not affect the original St. Dominic’s members. The second part of the conversion is the migration of the original St. Dominic’s members Swansea core system, at a date to be determined in the beginning of 2024.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 508-678-2851.


No, these transactions will be processed without interruption. It is not necessary to contact your employer or others who deposit or withdraw funds from your accounts.

No, all check information will remain the same.

No, all debit cards and their PINs will remain the same. Cards may be used throughout the transition without interruption.

No, a paper statement will be issued to all members during the first month post-conversion (September 30th), even those enrolled in eStatements. Following this, statement distribution will return to normal with members receiving either the eStatements or paper statements for which you are enrolled.

Current online banking login IDs will remain the same; however, passwords will be updated with the system conversion.

Active bill payees and recurring payments will transfer to the new bill pay platform. However, please consider printing a copy of payees for future reference.

ATTENTION MEMBERS: Due to our Core System Conversion please make note that a paper statement will be mailed to ALL original SFCU members for statement ending September 30th. Following this, statement distribution will return to normal with you receiving either the e-statement or paper statements for which you are enrolled.
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