Non-Visa® Debit Transactions

Somerset Federal Credit Union enables non-Visa® debit transaction processing and does not require that each non-Visa® debit transaction be authenticated by a PIN. A non-Visa® debit transaction may occur on your SFCU Visa® debit card through the Accel network.

The following examples help you distinguish between a Visa debit and a non-Visa® debit transaction.

To initiate a Visa® debit transaction at the point of sale, you sign a receipt, provide a card number (for e-commerce, mail or telephone orders and payments), swipe the card through a terminal or insert the card in the terminal (chip cards).

To initiate a non-Visa® debit transaction, you enter a PIN at the point of sale terminal or, for certain bill payment transactions, you provide the account number for an e-commerce or mail / telephone order transaction after clearly indicating a preference to route the transaction as a non-Visa® transaction.

A non-Visa transaction will not provide the zero-liability protection benefit. Provisions of your agreement related only to Visa transactions do not apply to non-Visa transactions.