The Credit Union Difference

A credit union functions a lot like a bank but with one key difference – a credit union is not-for-profit.

A credit union is owned and controlled by its members – the people who use their services – with profits returned back to all members with reduced fees, higher savings rates and lower loan rates whereas banks are for-profit, driven to maximize earnings by charging higher rates and fees to its customers in order to deliver profits to shareholders only.

More Than a Member

When opening an account at a credit union, your initial membership deposit makes you more than a member—you become part owner of the credit union. With all members working to serve one another, member goals aren’t at odds with ‘management’, therefore, a credit union has more incentive to provide better rates, lower fees and great customer service.

Personalized Service and Lending Flexibility

Credit unions are typically smaller than banks, allowing them to offer you fast and personalized service. With a member-focused philosophy, credit unions are more willing to work with you, because lending decisions are more likely to be individually evaluated.

Diverse Range of Services

Since credit unions are run by their members, they have the insight to provide services all members will enjoy and appreciate while becoming more competitive with banks. In fact, with the growing number of products, services, and solutions available at credit unions, members are often pleasantly surprised to discover a “new” service they did not know they had.

Serving the Community

Credit unions exist solely to serve members and their local communities, not only by returning profits to members, but also by reinvesting in their communities. Credit union leaders and its workers reside in the community and have a vested interest in helping to create a positive economic, social and environmental impact by volunteering their time, money and talent supporting various local charitable, nonprofit organizations and initiatives. They understand that when connected to a vibrant, healthy community, all prosper.

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