Share the Good

SFCU’s Holiday Giving

‘Tis the season to SHARE THE GOOD and we have some really exciting news!

In a world of harsh criticism, one thing we can do to make this a better place… we can SHARE THE GOOD. Sharing with others is a great feeling.  Small acts of kindness can brighten someone’s day in unimaginable ways:  a smile, a helping hand, simply saying thanks.  When we see people doing good things, we want to pay it forward.  When we see someone having a bad day, we want to give them a boost.  We want to show those around us that we see them.  We want to leave our mark and SHARE THE GOOD.

Throughout the month of December, Somerset Federal Credit Union wants to kick off the holiday season by giving back to the community by hosting a SHARE THE GOOD program. SHARE THE GOOD is a recognition/giving program involving the entire SFCU staff.

Starting December 11th, each staff member will be invited to go out and find good – whether it’s at the grocery store, at their child’s school, in their neighborhood or wherever – and reward it with a $50 gift card to Walmart!

Employees are encouraged to tell their story as to how people receiving the gift cards affected them or what good they saw. So, watch for the stories we will be sharing on social media and see all the good happening in our community.

We are so excited to be able to make this happen and hopefully create an avalanche of good!

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