Visa® Account Updater Service

Do you use your SFCU Visa® Debit card to pay your bills automatically?

Do you use your debit card to pay for a monthly insurance bill or for a utility bill or streaming service? If so, Visa® Account Updater may be right for you!

Visa® Account Updater will automatically update your card information with the merchant when there is a change, such as a new expiration date. The service is designed to save you from having to manually update your card information with the merchant.

Your information is updated for you.

Provides uninterrupted service from participating merchants.

Avoid having your payment declined.

Skip the hassle of re-submitting or re-entering your payment information every time you get a new debit card.

This will be up to each merchant, as they have to sign up with Visa® for the service. Check with your merchant to see if they participate in the service, or review any disclosures that they provide in their terms and conditions.

Don’t want to participate in Visa® Account Updater?

You may opt out of this service if you don’t want the automatic updates and prefer to manage your changes on your own. In that case, please call us at 508-678-2851.

Account Updater Service effective October 1, 2017.

ATTENTION MEMBERS: Due to our Core System Conversion please make note that a paper statement will be mailed to ALL original SFCU members for statement ending September 30th. Following this, statement distribution will return to normal with you receiving either the e-statement or paper statements for which you are enrolled.
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