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Deposit Services

There are many ways to make a deposit into your SFCU account or to make loan payments on your SFCU loan.

  • Set up direct deposit with your employer, the Social Security Administration or any other company that currently pays you by check.
  • Deposit funds into your checking or statement savings account using an SFCU ATM.
  • Use your mobile device to make a deposit into your checking or statement savings account. It is secure, fast and fun.
  • Make a deposit or loan payment using our Express Deposit Box at the rear of the building (inside the vestibule). Envelopes are available for you.
  • Mail deposits or loan payments to us at: SFCU Mail Teller, 740 County Street, Somerset, MA 02726. Include a deposit slip or loan payment coupon when possible, and please no cash.
  • Visit our office located at 740 County Street in Somerset, MA. We are always happy to see you!

Please remember to:

  • Endorse the check as “for deposit only” when depositing checks.
  • Be safe when using ATMs. We offer a drive-up ATM so you can stay in your car.
  • Monitor your account using TellerPhone, Online Banking or Mobile Banking. We do not mail receipts for deposits or loan payments made by mail unless you request one.