Becoming a Member

Who must be present to open an account?

All parties who will be listed as an owner must visit SFCU to authorize the account.

If you have legal capacity to act for another person such as Representative Payee, Attorney-in-Fact, etc. that person does not have to be present.

Will I need to present ID?

Yes, Federal Regulations require that we obtain ID from you. A state issued driver's license or ID card are the best forms of ID. Others may be acceptable. Please call for more information.

Initial Deposit Requirements

To become a member you must make an initial deposit of $5 and leave it on deposit for the life of the account.

You can become a member...

If you or a member of your immediate family lives or works in Bristol County, MA.

Immediate family is defined as: spouse, child, sibling, parent, grandparent, or grandchild; including stepparents, stepchildren, stepsiblings, and adoptive relationships. And, if you have an organization comprised of persons who qualify for membership, then your organization may open an account with Somerset Federal Credit Union.

Cities and towns located in Bristol County, MA include:

  • Acushnet
  • Attleboro
  • North Attleborough
  • Berkley
  • Dartmouth
  • Dighton
  • Easton
  • Fairhaven
  • Fall River
  • Freetown
  • Mansfield
  • New Bedford
  • Norton
  • Raynham
  • Rehoboth
  • Seekonk
  • Somerset
  • Swansea
  • Taunton
  • Westport