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Education 4U

Money Adventure

You can now download the U.S. Currency Education Program’s Money Adventure Android app! Money Adventure is a fun, interactive app that teaches the next generation of cash users about the historical designs and robust security features of U.S. currency.  Learn More

Know Your Money

A fun way for the whole family to learn about money.  Visit the Art Studio, the School Store or the Science Lab.  Learn More

Pocket Cents

A site dedicated to helping Youth, Tweens and Teens, Young Adults, Parents and Educators, Families, Older Americans, and Service Members learn how to make smarter financial decisions for a stronger, brighter future. Learn More

Learn about Credit Unions, and how to protect your finances. Get access to financial tools and resources. Learn More

Money as You Grow

Resources for parents and caregivers. Learn More


EPA Fuel Economy Guide

Learn about fuel economy before you buy your next automobile.  Learn More