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Somerset Federal Credit Union

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Home Equity Line of Credit

Let the value of your home benefit your next project or adventure! Use the equity available in your home for tuition payments, home repairs or improvements, bill consolidation and more.


  • Easy way to tap into your home’s value
  • No closing costs if you borrow at least $25,000. You pay only appraisal and mortgage discharge fees, if applicable
  • May borrow less than $25,000 but you pay closing cost.
  • Fast approval process
  • Finance up to 80% of the appraised value less any first mortgage balance.
  • Convenient – just write a check!
  • Adjustable rate tied to prime rate with quarterly caps for your protection
  • 10 year draw period with interest-only payments followed by a 10 year payback period
  • Must be owner occupied

Upon approval you will need to open an account with the Credit Union and maintain a $5 minimum balance in the account for the life of the loan.

Rates/Terms are subject to change without notice.

The annual percentage rate (APR) can change quarterly after remaining fixed for 12 months. The rate cannot increase or decrease by more than 1 percentage point per adjustment. The maximum annual percentage rate that can apply during the line of credit is 18%. The minimum annual percentage rate that can apply during the line of credit is 3%.